Marketing isn’t an event its a process
— Scott A. Martin

Scott has been instrumental in my own marketing and sales growth. I’ve never met anyone so obsessed with getting results in the most efficient way possible.
Brilliant #growthhacker
— David Cree - Common Good

In a world saturated with images and messages Scott is the creative genius that can take your brand to the next level and stand out from the rest.
— Alex Hanson - hipgnosis media

Scott knows how to ride cold smoke and create robust / powerful content to showcase it !
— Matt aka "Powder Matt"

Groundswell’s strategies and resources have allowed us to “punch above our weight”, reaching our entire market without the expense and obligation of conventional media.... Scott and his crew of associates are all-pro, I recommend Groundswell to anyone who needs a marketing strategy tailored to today’s complicated business environment
— Mitch Hancock - owner Basecamp

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— Damian, Mexico

Scott believes strongly in taking the time to discover a company’s deepest roots and build a foundation from the ground up. By anchoring a company to it’s strongest and deepest motivations, it is his belief that a company can make a much greater impact. A good wave starts to swell early, and creates immense power from being so deeply rooted - this allows it to create rapid growth and hammer the shore with confidence. Scott’s surfing background and passion for adventure shines through this core value of Groundswell Marketing. This belief is something that we align with very strongly and that’s precisely why we decided to work with Scott in the first place.
— Pat & Alex - Yama Nomad

Working with Groundswell was a life-changer. Scott has tons of know-how, a seeming endless supply of ideas, and just so much enthusiasm for seeing you succeed. You could put him in just about any situation and he’ll bring positivity, ingenuity and the latest things he’s learned to the table for you. He never stops learning, and he was always willing to look at things another way or test something out to find the right angle that matched our vision of where we wanted to go. I’ve never worked with someone who was so ALL IN on our business and our goals. Looking back, I’m still trying to catch up to all the value we got from working with Groundswell, and the growth and shifts are still helping us move forward. I wouldn’t hesitate for a SECOND to hire Groundswell. It’ll feel like you got the keys to a whole new world.
— Katie Gertsch- Purcell Heliskiing